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Youth2Youth's mission is to reduce substance abuse among youth and promote healthy lifestyles through education and advocacy.

The Vision of Youth2Youth 4 Change is to create a drug free community for generations to come.

Youth2Youth 4 Change is a coalition of youth and adults throughout Rock County that began in 1991.

The coalition was formed in response to Rock County’s high rates of tobacco use, under the name Rock County Tobacco Free Coalition. In 1995 the first youth prevention programs were implemented, and the focus of the coalition turned towards youth tobacco prevention. At this time the coalition’s name was changed to Rock County Tobacco Free Kids.

In 2005 our coalition began implementing environmental strategies to create lasting community change. Our focus turned to work on smoke-free air as well as other alcohol and drug misuse initiatives. The name of our coalition became Youth2Youth of Rock County and our vision became creating Drug Free communities. In 2014 the coalition voted to change our name to Youth 2 Youth 4 Change because it reflects our mission to create positive community change.

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Youth2Youth of Rock County is Making A Difference 4 Generations 2 Come!

Coalition Board

Chair: Fran Fruzen
Vice Chair: Laura Anastasi
Executive Comittee: Robin Stuht, Pastor Denis Roser
Y2Y Advisory Board: Maria Martinez, Anita Maria, Dan Risse
Youth Members: Karen Soto, Juman Sous


DeeDee Williams
Prevention Specialist

Megge Casique
Prevention Specialist
Alyssa Taubin
Program Assistant
Carrie Bluel
Program Assistant- Southwest Alliance