What’s In Tobacco Smoke

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Tobacco smoke, which includes the smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, contains at least 4,000 chemicals. We also know that there are at least 200 poisons in this smoke. Research varies on how much cancer causing chemicals are in tobacco smoke, but everyone agrees that there are at least 43 carcinogens in tobacco smoke. […] Read More >

Middle School Presentation Agenda

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  Middle School Presentation Agenda 6th Grade first time seeing presentation   Y2Y Opening     (That’s Why We Are Above The Influence) BB Activity Lung/Tar Jar Demonstration  with marijuana information) Tobacco Education Video – do video recap Money Activity (Update Dollar Amounts) Story Telling Quitting Discussion Alcohol Stories Slides of Brain Above the Influence Video Refusal […] Read More >

Advocacy Talk

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Advocacy Talk  Ok we have shared a lot of stuff with you today.  But what we really want you to take with you, is that YOU can make a difference.  If some of the stuff we told you today makes you mad at the tobacco or alcohol industry, good because you should be mad.  They […] Read More >

Elementary Videos

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Huffless Puffless Dragon Video and Discussion 2nd Grade Presentation   Now we are going to show you a video called Huffless Puffless Dragon.  This video will show you what could happened when someone smokes. Show Video Review Questions: – Name some things the non-smoking dragon could do easier than the smoking dragon? Arm Wrestling, Running […] Read More >