Tar Jar with Marijuana Information

Tar Jar

Middle School

What to say when making a presentation…

  • Review what tar is:  It is the stuff that you find on blacktop to seal the cracks – it sticks to your shoes when it’s hot.  It is also used on roofs, when attaching shingles.  Make the point that it is very sticky.
  • This EXACT SAME THING is found in cigarettes and marijuana!!
  • The tar jar is how much tar gets into a person’s body if they smoke:


½ pack of cigarettes everyday for One Year

  • One joint has as much tar as a pack of cigarettes

                        So if a person smoked one joint a day for a year, they would put two of these tar jars in their body

  • Tar carries all of the ingredients in tobacco smoke – including the ones that cause cancer.
  • Tar mixes with the water in a persons’ body.  Blood is 90% water.  The tar mixes into this blood and travels throughout a human’s entire body.  This is how people can get cancer anywhere in their body from smoking.  (It mixes with the water in a person’s body like Kool-Aid mix dissolves and mixes with water in a pitcher.)
  • Think about this:


Someone who has smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years has 40 jars of this in their body!

Someone who has smoked marijuana daily for 20 years has put 80 jars of this in    their body!

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